Waterproofing contractors, Damp proofing and Roof Repairs. The footings and foundations of your home can become permanently damaged if exposed to water and will end up costing you a lot of money to repair. Extend the longevity of your property by working with us.

Additionally, we offer competitive pricing and are accredited waterproofers for all Commercial & Residential requirements. We have established ourselves as leaders in premium waterproofing solutions.

We do roof repair services and damp proofing within the residential, commercial and industrial property sectors. Our team of waterproofing experts have vast experience in various waterproofing methods.

Redecorating and Waterproofing a Heritage building is no easy task. Using a trusted and professional contractor with experience in preserving the historical integrity of a building is extremely important when wanting to extend the longevity of a property.

Historical buildings require extra care and often intense repairs.  Using skilled methods allows us to thoroughly remove previous paint to ensure a perfect paint finish. As we peel back each layer of the buildings paint it allows us to examine each layer of paint that is stripped off giving a colourful history of the buildings past.

It is important to do thorough research of what painting and waterproofing systems were used before, to recommend the best possible solution moving forward. It provides insight and understanding of how the job needs to be done and what we as contractors can do to provide the best results.

Our goal when redecorating and waterproofing heritage buildings, is to restore the building to its original glory and ensuring the building remains standing and timeless for many more years. While respecting the Architectural inheritance of the property and preserving the past.

Having been in the residential market for many years, it is fair to say that our staff have an overwhelming amount of experience in the redecoration industry. From High-Rise buildings, to large complex’s and houses, we can assist you!