Shopping Centres

We understand that hospitality is an industry that never sleeps, that is why we make ourselves flexible with working hours that includes after hours & off-season.

When painting a Shopping Centre, safety is a serious requirement.

To ensure the safety of pedestrians, guests, clients and our staff. Employees are trained to strictly follow all safety regulations and barricade high trafficking areas where possible. Daily communication is given to managers, to ensure a seamless project experience and to keep all party's involved updated with project progress.


To minimize disruption, our staff work discreetly and always keep their working space neat and tidy.

Keeping to schedule and completing every project within the given time frame is a high priority, that is why we offer flexible working hours, including after hours and off-season.

Guests are our top priority, and our staff work discreetly and are trained to keep working spaces neat and tidy and barricade areas where possible.

Our goal is to help improve guests' experience and improve a hotels reputation by doing exceptional work to ensure that the exterior & interior of hotels compliments its glossy pictures in brochures and websites.