Integrated work site planning ensuring safe work at height & confined space entry in accordance with codes of best practice & legislated requirements. ISO 22846 rope access systems | SANS 50 795 anchor devices

Paintmaster SA offers qualified fall protection planning for site specific conditions regarding work at height. Worksite classification is specified with legal compliance as a foundation on which to arrive at options to address each unique condition. Agreed solutions are drafted into Site Specific Fall Protection Plans.

Legal compliance demands these include: Method statements & risk assessments | Equipment selection & inspection | registers | Training specification & proof of competence | Change management & supervision requirements

Paintmaster SA provides competencies in the methods of accessing high angle worksites. Effective access to over large voids without collective fall protection measures in place is often solved by rope access methods.

Strict mandatory requirements to undertake rope access projects classify the work as complex. Advanced planning and competence assure effective project delivery. Rope access activities involve:

Structural assessment and anchor identification

Rigging complexity

System redundancy considerations

Rigging & heavy Lifting

Paintmaster SA offers competencies for load manipulation at height.

Load weights, shapes and the installation environment determine selection of lifting appliances and methods.

Placement or installation of loads informs slinging arrangements and lifting accessory selection

Competent lift planning and operation considers task complexity and equipment selection to ensure legal compliance.

Methods include:

  • Mobile, tower, portal and crawler cranes
  • Cableway cranes and winches
  • Hydraulic jacking
  • Roped progress capture
  • Survey & inspections

Specialized Rope Access

Work scope discovery to high angle work sites as well as Inspection of existing protection layer elements such as coating dry film thickness measurement, seals & waterproofing. Proof load testing of work at height system anchorage in accordance with mandatory regulations.

Installations incl. design, supply & install vertical & horizontal work at height systems.

Substrate preparation, Coating applications to high angle work sites. Maintenance actions to flush glazing seals, cladding and structural steel work. Repairs to compromised rendered plaster, concrete and embedded re-enforcing steel.