Its been a busy start to the year for all PaintMaster SA branches. Below are some project highlights for the month of February! Touching on solutions to project challenges, supplier collaborations, industry techniques and more!

Canal Walk Shopping Centre

With over 8000 parking bays sprawling across Canal Walk, maintaining clear and well-defined paint lines is paramount for ensuring smooth traffic flow and maximising convenience for visitors. From designated wheelchair-accessible areas to spots reserved for parents with babies, every inch of these parking bays is carefully painted to enhance accessibility and safety for all shoppers.

Partnering with Dekro paints, PaintMaster SA was contracted to paint just over 50% of these parking bays, but what sets this endeavour apart is our commitment to minimal disruption. Understanding the bustling nature of shopping centres, our dedicated team works night shift hours, from 10 PM to 6 AM, ensuring that the vibrant pulse of Canal Walk remains uninterrupted during daylight hours.

Clear, well-marked parking bays not only enhance the shopping experience but also reflect the dedication of Canal Walk towards customer satisfaction and accessibility. With PaintMaster SA’s attention to detail and expertise, we’re proud to play a pivotal role in maintaining Canal Walk’s reputation as a premier shopping destination in Cape Town. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project.

Yarona Shopping Centre

PaintMaster SA has embarked on the project of waterproofing and painting Yarona Shopping Centre’s roof sheets. In collaboration with Protech, we aimed to deliver exceptional results while navigating through obstacles to ensure a successful project completion.

One of the initial challenges encountered at the start of this project was the limited access to water, as the centre relied on jojo tanks for its water supply. PaintMaster SA’s routine approach involves using a high-pressure machine to thoroughly clean roofs. However, recognising that this would cause extensive dust and disturbance to the businesses operating below, a more meticulous and considerate approach was proposed.

Our teams devised a solution that involved manually washing the roof using mops and brooms, a method that may take more time but significantly reduces the impact on the businesses below. An approach that ensures the cleaning approach is taken with precision and care, while mitigating any potential disruptions to the operations of the shopping centres tenants.

We proactively communicated to the client about our working schedule options. By offering after-hours work sessions, including early mornings before stores open. Having worked on a number of Shopping Centre’s we understand the importance to the client of minimising disruption during the business trading hours. PaintMaster SA adapts to the unique needs of each client, and are dedicated to always finding new ways and solutions to working on a project.

Surfview Flats

A high-rise residential property located along the sun-kissed shores of Amanzimtoti, KZN. PaintMaster SA has embarked on a transformative journey with this project by breathing new life in the structure and ensuring its visual appeal matches that of the stunning scenery it is surrounded by.

Having previously undertaken extensive repair work on Surfview in 2023, PaintMaster SA was entrusted with the full redecoration project to further enhance the structural integrity of the property and its aesthetics.

One of the primary challenges our team needed to overcome, was access to working areas. Due to the layout of the building, and recognizing the importance of minimal disruption to residents and prioritizing their safety. Our team created a solution that involved temporary suspended platforms in strategic locations, complemented by traditional scaffolding for others. To further keep the clients mind at ease, our teams maintain transparent communication channels. By providing daily, weekly and monthly progress reports to the Surfview trustees.

Another significant challenge posed by the property was the prevalence of extensive spalling resulting from water ingress. Properties in coastal areas are exposed to what is known as a C5 environment. Which is the highest category of corrosivity. It significantly challenges the impact on painted surfaces, causing them to blister, peel and fail prematurely. This not only compromises the aesthetic appeal of the property but undermines its structural integrity.

Understanding the unique demands of of coastal properties, PaintMaster SA collaborated with industry-leading suppliers, including abe and Plascon, to comprehensively address the underlying issues.

We used Plascon’s siloxane based brickseal to combat the water ingress issue. This product was chosen as while it effectively repels liquid water, it still allows water vapor to escape from the substrate. Making it essential for coastal properties exposed to salt-laden air and driving rain, preventing water penetration, and still allows for vapor to escape from the substrate. With our experience we know it’s important to identify the water ingress areas first and waterproof them before continuing with repairs. Utilising abe’s Dura FR structural repair mortar for spalling repairs further reinforced the property’s resilience.

The redecoration project is at its early stages, and our teams are excited to see the transformation unfold and bring life back into this residential property.

Simola Top Ten

Located in Simola Golf Estate, a luxury residential estate in Knysna, Western Cape. 10 homes called Simola Top Ten, required urgent attention to its waterproofing issues which have been re-occurring since 2019.

What started as a seemingly harmless issue with map cracking and paint work, soon escalated after inspection inside the units, water ingress was evident throughout all 10 units, caused by chimneys leaking excessively.

The absence of proper waterproofing underneath the cladding led to extensive water ingress, causing pervasive dampness throughout each home. This water ingress extended from the upper-level main bedrooms down to the ground-floor sitting areas. Posing not only structural concerns but also compromising the comfort and well-being of residents in their safe-space environment.

To address this issue, PaintMaster SA had to adapt a multifaceted approach, emphasising the crucial role of thorough waterproofing to prevent further damage. Collaborating with Stone Masons, the only solution was to remove the cladding on these chimneys, opting instead to focus on comprehensive waterproofing measures.

Each layer in this process, is crucial to the effectiveness of the waterproofing. This means removing cladding, replastering the walls, sealing the walls with waterproofing paint and painting over it. Not replacing the cladding. Due to natural stones ability to expand with heat and cold, it causes the plaster to crack. That, with a combination of rain and wind acts like a water trap causing the extensive damp in these homes.

The significant damp issues stemming from the chimneys has served as a catalyst for a comprehensive waterproofing project that extends beyond addressing isolated concerns. Recognising the importance of safeguarding every home, PaintMaster SA has undertaken an al-encompassing project to protect and increase the resilience of these homes from water ingress from various sources.

This involves torch-on waterproofing process to slab roofs, painting rain facing areas and parapets with Dulux’s Dampshield, Rainshield and Wallguard. Opening expansion joints and sealing all windows and doors.

It was very important to the client that there was a long-term solution given, that addresses the root cause of all water ingress issues. While simultaneously preserving the aesthetic integrity of their luxury homes. PaintMaster SA, along with its suppliers scheduled thorough and comprehensive meetings on a weekly basis, to not only foster a collaborative environment but provide the client with detailed updates and consistent communication.