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Honesty, integrity & experience

PaintMaster SA is a dynamic, passionate company, who are motivated by the desire to be the leading, preferred contractor of South Africa.

We are a national company with offices throughout South Africa, and decades of expertise within all sectors of the market.

Our company’s vision is to service all Residential, Sectional Title, Commercial & Industrial sectors.

We take pride in providing excellent workmanship to our clients that require decorative painting, waterproofing, roof repairs, structural repairs, specialized rope access, industrial coatings and systems as well as project management.

With our in-house marketing division, we are able to develop trusted partnerships in the industry.

Our marketing goal is to be the leading marketers in the industry, and provide viewers with entertaining, educational and enjoyable content, all the while portraying or company value’s and culture to the South African market.


  • Rope access is a method of accessing difficult-to-reach areas for inspection, maintenance, or repair purposes by using ropes and specialized equipment.

  • Waterproofing is the process of making an object or structure impermeable to water by applying a coating or membrane to its surface, making it resistant to water damage.

  • Redecorating is the process of changing the appearance of a home or building. This can include adding new decor elements, and most importantly, updating the colour scheme.